Why does global reforesting matter?
Earth is our home and the only habitable planet, so keeping it cool and reversing the effects of climate change is immensely important, especially in light of the new IPCC report. Reforesting is a key ingredient to reversing the drastic effects of global warming. Our forests keep the earth cool, absorb carbon dioxide, prevent landslides, and provide oxygen. By stopping deforestation our global forests could absorb up to 37% of annual global carbon emissions, and reforesting destroyed areas could provide even greater significance for the planet.
Seeka Yoga's #1mat1tree campaign supports global reforesting by planting a tree for every retail mat sold. We are proud to partner with edenprojects.org in accomplishing this goal. 
Please join us! #1mat1tree #seekayoga
"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."- Warren Buffett