Seeka PRO ECO Yoga Mat - Moon Series Pink *PREORDER*
Seeka PRO ECO Yoga Mat - Moon Series Pink *PREORDER*
Seeka PRO ECO Yoga Mat - Moon Series Pink *PREORDER*
Seeka PRO ECO Yoga Mat - Moon Series Pink *PREORDER*

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Seeka PRO ECO Yoga Mat - Moon Series Pink *PREORDER*

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Our Ecological polyurethane top coating is made of natural rubber material.
It does not hold dirt and is easy to clean.
Eco-friendly recyclable natural material.
It has a thickness of 4.2 mm.
Extra long (183cm x 61cm)
Weight: 3.1 kg

Pro Series - Our extra thick and grippy 4.2mm turquoise yoga mat will provide you with the necessary support even in the toughest and longest poses. It is longer than a standard yoga mat to give you extra room to practice.
We plant a tree for every mat sold #1mat1tree.

Why 4.2 mm?
4.2mm is the optimum thickness tested by Seeka Yoga professionals. It is thick enough to protect joints especially knees. It protects your back as it is 20% lighter than 5mm mats when carrying it.
Our Pro Series - is designed to be nature friendly. With its phthalate-free structure, this mat is a healthy choice for both you and our planet. The bottom layer is produced from natural tree rubber providing a strong grip on the floor.  The upper surface provides comfort and grip that alleviates the slipping of sweating hands.

What is Phthalate?
This product does not contain Phthalate substances that contain many health threats for humanity. Phthalate is a harmful substance that is often used in the manufacturing industry to increase flexibility, and is often found in the structure of cheap yoga mats.

The side effects of phthalates are listed in scientific studies as follows:
Increased risk during pregnancy.
Cancer risk in the reproductive system.
Possible kidney and liver problems in children.
Phthalates are never used in the production of SEEKA YOGA mats.